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    Mitzi (7YO) has been on California Natural L&R for nearly a year, changed from Diamond L&R. The ingredient lists of these two are very close which I don't understand because CN is a little lower in fat yet more calories. I noticed Mitzi's teeth are getting brown spots which she never had on Diamond L&R. Judy(5YO) and Duke(4YO) are on Diamond and have white teeth. I suspect that CN has more fat than they list. Thinking of switching Mitzi back to Diamond.
    Anyone else feed California Natural and notice teeth problems?

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    DefaultRe: California Natural L&R

    Piper and Cassie both eat California Natural - L&R for Piper, Puppy for Cass. Coincidentally I switched Piper from Diamond as well, 3ish yeas ago. I did it because the Diamond food was leaving her with a very rough, dry coat which had her itching.

    Piper does have a small amount of brown plaque on her back teeth at 5.5 yo, but the vet said her teeth look very good for her age. She doesn't get any table food and her only treats are the California Natural bars, since she has enviromental allergies that are aggrivated by some foods. But, I've recently started letting Piper have raw marrow bones to chew (thanks to the intro of the new puppy) and I'm watching the small amount of brown that is on her teeth slowly but surely recede. I'm hoping that we won't have to do a sedated teeth cleaning next year that the vet warned may be necessary.

    Does Mitzi get any moist treats or other biscuits that could be leaving the stains on her teeth? Do you allow her to chew on marrow bones? I was timid about giving raw bones for a long time, but I'm happy with the results I'm seeing on her teeth in just a few weeks time.


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