What's Up With The Corn Gluten???
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Thread: What's Up With The Corn Gluten???

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    DefaultWhat's Up With The Corn Gluten???

    I have to go buy my pup more food today..........I'm so scared. She's on Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy, and even though the breeder suggested switching to Adult at 5 months old (which is now) I think I'm going to keep her on the LBP for another month. (that's okay, right?).........But my real concern right now is the fact that this particular kibble has corn gluten in it. I can't seem to find any more news about the corn gluten recall. Does anybody have any info on this?? I want to put my mind (somewhat) at ease before I go out to buy her more food. This is not only so scary...........it's total B.S. When will it all end.

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    DefaultRe: What's Up With The Corn Gluten???

    I am not sure if a food has been recalled because of corn gluten meal, but I think people assume it will be the next ingredient causing problems.

    I'm not an expert, but I believe that these gluten type ingredients are a cheaper way to add protein than actual meat. Making the problem worse is when the gluten (rice protien, whatever) comes from another country it has to meet US protein standards and that is where the suspected ingredient comes into play.

    Purina has been making food for animals for a long time and a lot of people trust them and Pro Plan is their top brand I believe. (BTW I work for a place that does art for the mag ads and I can tell you they spare no expense on advertising).

    Personally, I stay away from corn gluten because when i first got my pup I read it was hard for them to digest. That said your breeder probably knows more than I do and like I said Purina has been at this for a long time.


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