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Thread: Anyone Feed Innova?

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    I feed my 14 week puppy Innova Large Breed Puppy.
    She loves it.
    Her coat is really shiny and stool is firm.
    Her vet and trainer said it is a good food. The vet tech at the hospital I go to feeds the adult Innova to her dogs.
    Belle was on Proplan LBP when I got her from the breeder. I changed her over within 2 weeks of getting her. She had runny stool (yellow) on Proplan LBP.
    I love the Innova. Belle loves it to. She uses it as snack rewards to.
    Personally, I have no complaints about it.

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    DefaultRe: Anyone Feed Innova?

    Quote Originally Posted by gabbys mom
    I believe there is a pretty high CA++ content in EVO- for my breeder (and many others) feeding it to a pup under a certain age, it voids a hip/elbow guarantee. Do a search on this forum before switching

    Also, the vet I worked for showed me many studies about the benefits of waiting to switch to adult food until later (there are many different schools of thought on this, obviously)- It is thought to control the rate of growth, which may help prevent uneven growth and joint problems.
    Gosh, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only breeder putting some stipulations on health guarantees. I think too, you have to know your lines, and trust your breeder on what has and hasn't worked. For me, Canidae was too high in Ca/P 3 yrs ago when I tried feeding it to my litter. I had no problems w/ OFAs, but I did see knuckling issues w/a few of the pups so we had to change foods early on. I then tried Kirkland adult C& R which has a little lower 1.0/0.8 levels, and it still was too much. Back to Euk LBP, but honestly I think I'm going to try Innova LBP if our local supplier can order it in for me. I like the ingredients far better than Euk LBP, though I have to say all the pups are growing very nicely on it. -Anne

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