Can eating too fast cause health/stomach problems?
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Thread: Can eating too fast cause health/stomach problems?

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    DefaultCan eating too fast cause health/stomach problems?

    I have read several posts about ways to slow your puppy/dog down when they're eating. As a new owner (Sammy's 5 mos old now and growing everyday!!!) I want to do what's best and, of course, really don't know what that is.

    We feed her twice/day. She is so in tune with her schedule and gets calm/relaxed before meal time as we didn't want a "crazed" dog jumping, etc for her food. She sits politely until we set the bowl down and waits till we say her name before she POUNCES! And it's like an NBA ref couting the seconds down until she's done.

    Can eating too fast cause her stomach to "flip" (??????) i think that's what it's called. And it's deadly to dogs. Most never recover if their stomachs "flip" I guess my question is there must be health problems associated with it or else there wouldn't be so many posts about how to slow your dog down?

    Any advice at all is welcomed and appreciated.

    Sammy says "Ruff!" (i.e. thanks!!)

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    DefaultRe: Can eating too fast cause health/stomach problems?

    It's called "bloat" but yet eatting too fast is one of the many things that can cause it. Older dogs are more prone to it but I think younger ones can get it too. Here is a thread about it from a member who has had a dog survive it.,43118.0.html
    He keeps a website with information too I think the link is in that post.
    Other things to watch is not to exercise them for an hour after eatting and not let them drink a lot right away after eating.

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    DefaultRe: Can eating too fast cause health/stomach problems?

    Mya is 6 months old and she has inhaled her food from the get go.
    I posted here and got a lot of great advice that I will pass on to you.
    One person posted to feed them on a large cookie sheet.....spread the food all over it.
    Another referred me to a product called "Brake Fast" Bowl. I bought one and it does help a lot but she still consumes her food very fast. As her muzzle gets larger, the bowl will slow her down even more.
    Until I got the bowl in the mail, I used a large cookie sheet.
    I am leaving for the weekend but if you are interested in the bowl and no one else gives you the web site, send me a private message and Monday I'll get the information to you.
    Good Luck!!!

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    DefaultRe: Can eating too fast cause health/stomach problems?

    Bacatherine: the link you posted gave some great information and a too sad story.

    Mary Jane: I appreciate the tip and will search for the bowl. Tonight I put her large rope toy in the middle of her dinner and it slowed her down considerably.

    After reading several threads on the topic I will continue this trick until she figures out she can just remove the rope. Then we'll go to the cookie sheet if the special bowl is not here yet.

    Thanks to you both.

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    DefaultRe: Can eating too fast cause health/stomach problems?

    What about the possibility of feeding her the same amount of food per day but spacing it over a few more feedings? Oona gets 3/4 of a cup of dried food at 6am, 12pm, 4pm and 12am. After each feeding she goes and sleeps for at least 2 hours and I always make she has about 2 hours to digest before she goes out to play.


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