Need opinion on possible surgery
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Thread: Need opinion on possible surgery

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    DefaultNeed opinion on possible surgery

    Last Saturday I took Bella (almost 11) to the vet for her annual exam and inoculations. For some time she's had a few "warts" on her chin, about 5 or 6 of them grouped together. These appeared a few years ago (not when she was young), some are dark, some are pink. I asked the vet to look at them and she said they look like papillomas, but to call if there were any changes. A couple of days ago one of them started bleeding, although we strongly suspect that Bella scratched herself and made it bleed. The bleeding stopped and hasn't resumed.

    We took her back to the vet today, told the vet about the bleeding (she didn't seem concerned), and asked about removing the warts. Since they're so close to her mouth they'd have to use general anesthesia. We also inquired about removing a golf-ball size lipoma at the same time - it's on her chest right under her leg and could cause problems if it gets big.

    I'm not so concerned about the cost (estimate is $600-800) but rather putting Bella under because of her age. Don't want to do it if it's not necessary, and as I said the vet doesn't seem really concerned about either the warts or the lipoma. Otherwise Bella is in good shape. Any opinions?

    Alfred (aka Freddy), May 2010

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    DefaultRe: Need opinion on possible surgery

    Our old boy had a wart on his head (right above his eye) removed when we was 12. The only reason we had it removed was we had just gotten Grace and she kept ripping it open playing bitey face with him. The vet was able to do it using a local though. Are they afraid that Bella may bite or that why they need to use a general anesthesia?

    I am pretty conservative when it comes to surgery...if the warts and lymphoma are not causing pain or risk of infection, I would leave them alone. I suggest that you talk to your vet and weigh the pros and cons of having the surgery vs. leaving the warts and lymphoma alone.

    Good luck! Bella is a beautiful girl...warts and all!

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    DefaultRe: Need opinion on possible surgery

    your vet will probably say to leave them as is just to save you money and to keep your dog stress free. But if she keeps scratching them and bleeding, removing them wouldn't really be a big deal. I mean if Bella is healthy she should do just fine. Your vet should do the necessary checks to make sure she is a good candidate for surgery. Seems like at this point its totally up to you. Here is something else to consider; if you do not remove now, there is a chance you will want to remove later down the road for whatever reason. Bella will be older and Her candidacy for surgery is only going to deminish as time goes on.

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    DefaultRe: Need opinion on possible surgery

    If they don't hinder movement and aren't getting infected or scratched, I would leave them.

    My Mother in Law's sheltie was covered in lipoma's. They were talked into removing them...the dog was wrapped in a literal body cast after all the fatty deposits were removed. And within like 2 years, they were all back plus MORE.

    Hudler has a small one on his shoulder and we're just leaving it.


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