amusing charlie after op
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Thread: amusing charlie after op

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    Defaultamusing charlie after op

    charlie has to have surgery next wednesday for a torn ligament
    in his left hind leg, one part of me feels relieved to finally
    have his leg operated on so he can get back to normal, the other part is DREADING it!
    my stress levals will be sky high on wednesday till we get him back home. what i wanted to know
    is if you've got any ideas how to keep him amused on his long road to recovery. he's a very active
    curious lab and i know he's gonna hate being so inactive. any ideas will be very welcome thankyou
    p.s please send good thoughts to charlie next wednesday

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    DefaultRe: amusing charlie after op

    Exercise his brain. It will exhaust him as much as a romp in the yard. Teach him a new trick. Play hide and seek with a toy. Teach him the name of each of his toys. Anything that will work his brain.

    This is a great toy for keeping them entertained.

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    DefaultRe: amusing charlie after op

    stuffed kongs are a good idea. it may help keep him still but at the same time it will keep him busy trying to get whatever goodies you hide in the kongs. sending good vibes to your charlie for his op!!!

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    DefaultRe: amusing charlie after op

    Another idea is to take him into your front garden to 'people watch'. He will enjoy watching people and dogs walk by...good mental stimulation.

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    DefaultRe: amusing charlie after op

    Join the yahoo group orthodogs... we've all been where you are and there are lots of ideas on keeping your boy occupied during the recovery, along with just a treasure trove of tips, support, etc.


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