aspirin for senior labs stiffness
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Thread: aspirin for senior labs stiffness

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    Defaultaspirin for senior labs stiffness

    Does anyone give their senior labs aspirin for stiffness? I have noticed that our 11 3/4 yr old lab is showing some signs of stiffness in going up stairs and also trying to get up on the bed.

    Also, does vit E help as well?

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    DefaultRe: aspirin for senior labs stiffness

    Ernie isn't a senior. He has H.D. and I gave him it until last year when he went on Metcam and Pentosan.

    I give Erns vit E. not sure they work, but heard it does.I also use glucosamine.

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    DefaultRe: aspirin for senior labs stiffness

    my boy isn't quite a senior yet either but we excerise hard so i started to notice some stiffness after our trips. anyway after a discussion with my vet, i decided on daily supplements with glucosamine and chondroiton in it. I am giving him Nutrivet hip and joint plus. He has been on it for over 2 months now and i have noticed a difference after play

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    DefaultRe: aspirin for senior labs stiffness

    Our first lab had severe HD and never showed any signs of discomfort until arthritis set in. For the last 2-3 years of her life she was on a regimen of aspirin and Glucosamine/Chondroitin. We misunderstood the vet when he added the G/C to her meds and we stopped giving the aspirin. Within a day or two our poor girl was showing definite signs of pain...if your senior is showing signs of pain, G/C may not take care of that, you may also need some sort of pain reliever along with it. She did great and the only time she ever showed any discomfort was in the winter when it was really cold.

    If you do use aspirin, make sure it is buffered so it doesn't upset the stomach.

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    DefaultRe: aspirin for senior labs stiffness

    If you don't have the dog on supplements, I would do that before putting the dog on aspirin.

    1500mg of Glucosamin and 1200mg of Chondrotin are good. You should also do 1000mg of MSM (helps with pain, natural anti-inflammatory). Fish oil and glycoflex can help as well. Maddy has arthritis in her elbows (ED surgery when she was young) and trouble in her wrists, and since we have given her this cocktail of supplements, she has really improved. And no need to add aspirin. I don't like aspirin. People say it's safe if it's buffered but supplements with help more than just masking the pain.


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