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    Hi All,

    I was wondering if any of you could help me with a little, stinky problem. Hogan has been licking at his rear end constantly and the more he licks the more it stinks. I was wondering if any of you knew what this might be? I was thinking it might be anal glands - but don't know any symptoms for it. We would like to save a trip to the vet if we could (because of his recent TPLO) and a car trip too right now. Any thoughts on this stinky matter?

    Melissa and Hogan

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    It sounds like an anal gland problem. He may need to have them expressed.

    Any recent changes in food? are his poops all normal?

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    If there is an anal gland problem, like impaction, you should be able to tell by feeling around the anus. The glands are at "5" and ''7"....


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