chewing/licking end of tail and bleeding
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Thread: chewing/licking end of tail and bleeding

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    Defaultchewing/licking end of tail and bleeding

    recently picked out our lab mix from the humane society and she has been licking/chewing the tip of her tail and it has been bleeding. generally this only happens now when we are gone during the day. should i get a cone for her head while we are gone or does anyone have any suggestions to prevent this so that she can heal????? please lend some experience. this is my first dog since i was home with my parents over ten years ago.

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    DefaultRe: chewing/licking end of tail and bleeding


    I think that often that type of behaviour is linked to stress (my uncle had a dalmation that did that, vet said it was stress!)

    She was a shelter dog, which is a stressful experience in and of itself, and you just got her, that's stressful (good stress, but changing environments is always stressful for dogs, even if it's going from bad to good!) Also, being home alone in the house is sometimes a source of stress

    I think it can also sometimes be an indicator of a skin allergy or even a parasite, so maybe take her to the vet for a quick check?

    that's all I can think of, hope it helps!
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    DefaultRe: chewing/licking end of tail and bleeding

    I agree, probably stress or boredom. You may want to try MSM to see if it's an inflammatory/allergy thing. Start w/ 2000 mg per day then go to 1000mg after a week. It sure helps w/ MY personal allergies (pollens). Also great for joint health in young growing pups! -Anne

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