Hambone...good or bad?
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Thread: Hambone...good or bad?

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    DefaultHambone...good or bad?

    Hi Everyone!

    Toby is our first dog and 5 1/2 month old. Everything is new to us...even the little things like bone or no bone

    Today I went to the store and saw a big Smokey Hambone (pork bone) from Hartz. Since Toby is getting all of his new teeth right now, I thought he would like to chew on it.

    Are those bones safe or do they fall apart easily? Do I have to stay next to him when he is "fighting" this thing?
    Or is there something better out there what I could give him?

    Thanks for reading and any suggestion!

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    DefaultRe: Hambone...good or bad?


    Anything that I say in this post will be from previous research/information that I have gathered and none of it comes from personal experience regarding labs, because mine's only three weeks old, and still lives with his birth mom!

    Having said that, I have heard/read that you should ALWAYS watch your dog with any toys that you give him/her (I used to work in a pet store and I'll always remember a gentleman coming in and telling me about his 8 month old sheltie that had choked after biting off a piece of an "indestructible" kong and the family came home to a dead puppy... I will never forget that)

    with regard to hambones, I don't think that they are any better or worse than the rest of the rawhide type products out there, but a few friends of mine have had a lot of success with frozen cloth bones (or frozen wet towels, for example) when their puppies have been teething, the "frozenness" really seems to soothe them during that particular stage.

    hope that helps!

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    DefaultRe: Hambone...good or bad?

    I personally do not like any of those commercially made smoked bones that look like real bones. They really bother me for some reason. The supposedly only GOOD real bones are raw bones because they won't break or splinter. They say only raw bones won't do that, so the idea of smoked bones from the store, especially packaged for shelf life are scary.

    Now with that in mind, we have no problems with rawhide. Many see that as the worst thing ever, but my dogs have never choked or had any digestive distress while eating them, and we've always let the puppies have them as early at 7 weeks.

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    DefaultRe: Hambone...good or bad?

    I've never given my dog a smoked bone, but friends have mentioned that their dogs really get the runs when they have these. I've stuck to bully sticks and raw marrow bones. Being a young pup you'd want to introduce either of these very gradually to avoid any stomach issues - plus if he is really teething he may have a tendency to just want to devour a bone really quickly to relieve the pain of teething.

    Some other suggestions to try are frozen wash clothes and ice cubes. Of course, any time he's chewing on anything he should be supervised! Good luck!

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    DefaultRe: Hambone...good or bad?

    Where does Hartz have their products made? If it is made outside of the US, not sure I would trust it, because of the chemicals that could be used to process and smoke it.

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    DefaultRe: Hambone...good or bad?

    I would avoid any cooked or smoked bone. They can splinter and break off in big chunks. While some dogs may chew it and spit out the chunks, others will swallow them whole. On that note, it is probably not worth the risk. A much safer option are raw marrow bones. However, I think a stuffed frozen Kong is best for a puppy.


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