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    DefaultRoyal Canin Dog Food

    Has anyone tried Royal Canin dog food, made especially for Labrador Retrievers 3 months or older? If so, how did it work (or not work)? I'm trying to find a new food for my little guy, who is 2.5 years.

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    DefaultRe: Royal Canin Dog Food

    Hi, yes, I used it and for about 3 months, my lab Rocky loved it. However, I think he began to get allergic to something in the Lab formula because he started getting real bad gas, He began to slowly not want it and when he had some stomach problems, I took him off of it. The vet recommended that I stay with Royal Canin since it's great food but told me to try the German Shepard formula. I know, it sounds silly but they say German Shepards have the worst stomachs and that this mix was very gentle on the stomach. It's been about 6 months and he loves it.
    It's worth a shot. Try getting the small bags and see how he takes to it. I will say, this may sound gross but his stools were the most solid while on the Lab mix.
    Good luck!

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    DefaultRe: Royal Canin Dog Food

    I use the Royal Canin Lab formula and my dogs do well on it. I blend in Holistic Selects Duck and Anchovie at a 1 to 4 ratio. I've had no stomach problems and no gas problems. Well lets just say normal lab gas. : My girls are very active, get plenty of exercise and I like the way their coats look. I've had one ear problem with Daisy, but it wasn't food related.

    There are so many opinions on food,what's good, what's not,that it's mind boggling. Right now the combination of what they're eating is fine for them. If ear problems or allergies start to show up, I will re-evaluate their food.

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    DefaultRe: Royal Canin Dog Food

    I have been using the Royal Canin Lab 30 formula for a couple of months now. Sami has taken to it just great! No problems at all.. We had previously given her the large breed puppy as this is what the breeder was feeding. She has been on royal canin her whole life so far (she's 14months old) and has had no issues what so ever... It's good stuff... My vet seems to think so also...


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