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    We are on the fifth shot today of Payton's allergy shots going every other day. I have noticed an increase in itching and major paw licking. His paws are very red and swollen looking between to webbing and he seems to have a dry mouth. Is this to be expected with these shots because you're trying to build up the dogs immune system to the things they're allergic too? I wanted to see if anyone has first hand experience? Thanks!

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    I don't know about the dog allergy shots but I got allergy shots for years. Normally an increase in the symptoms was a reaction to the shot. If I had a reaction they lowered the dose and started over with that syrum. The point of allergy shots is to subject your system to the allergin in very small amounts so your body can build immunity to it. If you get too much stimulant it is counterproductive. I would call the vet.

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    Riley my lab had shots and didnt suffer an side effects/increase in itching etc..... it seemed to help for about a year but 2 years later she is worse than before she started. The more people I meet the more I like my dog


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