How to tell: Mange or hot spot?
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Thread: How to tell: Mange or hot spot?

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    ??? I just found a two-inch irregularly shaped sore on my black lab on the side of his neck, below the ear area. The hair has fallen out and the skin is scaly or flaky with just a small red, rather raw area. His collar doesn't rub on it. I've never noticed it before. The vet is closed until Monday. How can I tell if it is mange or a hot spot? What can I do until I can get him to the vet? Would I be able to identify anything if I took a sample by rubbing the scaly with a cotton swab and looking at it under a microscope? I could actually put a picture of a image from the microscope on here if I could figure how to upload a picture. Could anyone help if I published the photo?

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    Sounds like a hot spot. If you have caught it early, you can get it under control by using Medicated Gold Bond Powder (clip the hair around the spot). If it's large, you will probably need to see the vet and get some antibiotics.
    You'll need to upload your pic to a host like Photobucket or Shutterfly, then you can post it here by clicking on theh picture icon (2nd from the left) in your post.


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