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    DefaultThe Missing supplement that is

    has anyone used this supplement? we have 2 dogs -1 of them a lab. we got him @ 7mos (beginning of january). he came on purina pro plan, we now have both dogs on kirkland's chicken based dog food since beginning of february. seemed to be doing ok. about 2-3wks ago i noticed the lab seemed to be trying to scratch his stomach more....thought being that we live in anchorage, ak where it is dry dry dry : that perhaps i should supplement with something to help what i hoped was just a dry coat/skin thing. so i originally was going to go with a fish oil or something but finding that here was kind of a pain. so i saw this and it said it contained omega 3 for healthy skin/coat. now take into consideration we were gone out of town for a week the middle of march and the dogs had to be boarded (reputable, clean nice kennel) and our lab came back skinny! i know that he played a LOT. our other dog is a mini-schnauz and she was fine. but since the kennel and adding the supplement which was a week before the dogs went in the kennel, i'm suspicious that maybe this supplement is NOT a good fit. The lab still seems itchy - in fact he was obsessively licking his 1 foot yesterday...coats don't seem any different.

    Any thoughts?? Thanks in advance.

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    DefaultRe: The Missing supplement that is

    I have used it for other reasons and never found it worth the price I was paying for it.

    You can get fish oil at any pharmacy. It does not have to be a pet product. Just a good quality product.
    Or you can order products online like KV Vet and Revival.

    I had a very dry skin issue and started using MirraCoat O3 Liquid. I also started using Probiotics at the same time. Well we are almost out of the Mirracoat and we have no more dry skin. Either one of the other worked or a combo of both. The probiotic was just to help aid in digestion for my older gal.

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    DefaultRe: The Missing supplement that is

    If he is trying to scratch his stomach I would worm him.

    Missing link works for my boy who won't eat his food otherwise.

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    DefaultRe: The Missing supplement that is

    I use Missing Link Plus for my Lab, who had some bald spots in her coat. About 30 days after starting it, we could see the hair coming back in those spots. It's now all filled in and we will keep her on the product. When I board her, I make up her food in baggies and add the supplement in equal amounts so that she gets the full dose but in two meals. At home, she gets it all in her breakfast.

    If your Lab is still itchy, I would look into possible allergies - wheat, corn, anything else.
    Jackie, Champ, and Buddy

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    DefaultRe: The Missing supplement that is

    The only kind of Missing Link I've used is the glucosamine and chondroitin for bones and joints. I have a lab with a sensitive stomach so he's been unable to eat large breed adult food. I tried adding a little of this powder to his food a couple of times. Made him sick both times. Definitely not worth the $25 price tag.


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