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    Hello everyone. I was just wondering if some of you with a lot of knowledge about lab growth and development could help me out. I am curious about what Riley's adult height will be. He is just under 8 months right now, weighs 70 pounds, and is just under 24 inches at the shoulder. How much more growth can I expect? Is he close to his adult height? I know he will probably fill out a lot between now and 2 years of age, but is there any way to predict his adult weight? The sire was 90-95 pounds and the dam was 75-80 pounds. Right now I would say he looks a little on the lean side, especially for a lab, but I am trying to keep him at a very good lean weight to prevent any joint problems and avoid excess weight that we might need to take off later. He could probably weigh 75 and still not be overweight at this point. Maybe there is really no way to predict any of this, but if anyone could give it a shot, I'd appreciate it! Thanks so much!

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    The labs I have had have reached most of their height by 8 months or so. They do continue to fill out until they are about two years old. Looking at your dog's parents will give you a pretty good idea of his size at maturity.

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    As Susan said, looking at his parents will give you a good idea about how big Riley will be. A theory my vet uses that has worked well is to double the what the puppy weighed at 4 months. It won't give you an exact adult weight , but it's within in a few pounds.

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    Mine never seemed to get bigger in size (bone wise) after about 8 months. But they did develop and fill out for the next year. I remember Maddy was 50# at 8 months and now at 4 1/2 years, she is a steady 70-75# since she was about 2.


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