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    HI everybody. I posted a few weeks or so ago about my puppy Ranger urinating alot sometimes. He would be playing and all of a sudden just pee on his dog bed, on the floor or whatever. This is after he drinks a lot of water. Some people thought maybe it was because he was a puppy etc. Well, I have discussed this with my vet a few times. So, when Ranger went in for his 4 month shots on Friday, I brought it up with the vet again. He wanted to do a complete urinalysis on him. I took a sample in first thing Monday morning (yesterday). (Boy was that funny getting the sample. Ranger decided I was just getting too close and stopped going to the bathroom and moved to behind the privacy fence at the patio LOL) Anyway, my vet said his urine is very diluted and he had a few white blood cells in it. He thinks Ranger may have a kidney infection (Ranger is 18 weeks today) Anyway, has anybody elses dog had the same symptoms and what did your vet find out? Are there any questions I should be asking my vet? I'm very worried about my little guy. He is eating normal. Pooping normal. And just plain ornery as normal ;D

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    Kidney infection or bladder infection? Two different things.


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    Kidney infection. The vet said it is not a bladder infection.


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