Carrots for Puppies?
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Thread: Carrots for Puppies?

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    DefaultCarrots for Puppies?

    Is 4 months old too young for a puppy to have a raw carrot? We gave her some last night for the first time and she loved it. I didn't notice anything unusual about her afterward; her poops were normal and she didn't throw up or anything. I was wondering if a carrot every day is okay? I would rather use them for treats and training than always her biscuits. What do you think?

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    DefaultRe: Carrots for Puppies?

    I gave my 2 pups carrots at that age. I did stick to only one or two small baby carrots per day, though. Too much of anything new WILL interrupt their digestion and could cause diarrhea. I think using them for training or very special occasions is a good idea. I know my babies LOVE THEM!!! And my vet said it is a healthy little snack for them.

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    DefaultRe: Carrots for Puppies?

    IMO carrots are fine in small amounts. Because dogs are carnivores they lack the digestive enzymes to effectively break down the cellulose in plant matter unless its lightly steam or put through a food processor and mulched. if you'd like your pup to get the nutrients from the carrots or any veggie you should lightly steam or mash them first.
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    DefaultRe: Carrots for Puppies?

    I agree one or two is fine but don't over do it. If you want a simple training treat try cherrios or peices of their kibble.
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