He's soooooooo laid back
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Thread: He's soooooooo laid back

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    DefaultHe's soooooooo laid back

    Sam is silly, sweet boy, turning 3 years old in a couple of weeks.

    He gets energized playing soccer ball and he loves to swim after sticks over and over.

    I've been walking him twice a day in the same general off-leash area. I've noticed the past month or so that, even after being cooped up in the house all day, he begins our walk at a relaxed walk, sniffing everything, enjoying himself but in no hurry...not your typical 3 year old lab.

    He'll break into a trot or lope after a ball or when he sees other dogs to play with...then its back to his stroll.

    I'm not sure if its boredom...he does seem more excited (relative for Sam) when I take him on a new trail.

    He gets a couple of ear infections a year, usually his left ear. His coat is beautiful.

    I feed him nutro large breed lamb and rice.

    Could he have hypothyroidism? I don't think he has HD...doesn't show any symptoms.

    he is playful and happy in the house.

    What does everyone think? I'm taking him for his yearly check up in a week or two and I wonder if I should have him tested for anything new. He is on heartworm meds all year round and flea/tick meds 6 mo's a year.

    Thanks for your input. I'm just worried about his energy level.

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    DefaultRe: He's soooooooo laid back

    He sounds pretty normal to me. I think its just that he is growing up.

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    DefaultRe: He's soooooooo laid back

    Quote Originally Posted by Oonas Dad
    He sounds pretty normal to me. I think its just that he is growing up.
    Agreed. Consider yourself fortunate. You have a good dog there. Sounds like Sam is out of his "teenage" years.


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