Still itching like crazy....
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Thread: Still itching like crazy....

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    DefaultStill itching like crazy....

    I'm beginning to start thinking that nothing I do will make my puppys constant itching,licking, yeasty ears, pyoderma bouts go away. He is 8 months old and he seems to be getting worse and worse. We are awaiting his allergy panel and his thyroid came back normal. We feed him Eagle Pack holistic. It's getting really bad and he now has a few areas he has scab like sores on and one is bleeding and the hair gone from biteing at it I guess. Does anyone have any experience with this? Does it sound like hot spots?

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    DefaultRe: Still itching like crazy....

    Hello Bolts21,

    I am new to this board, so can't be much help, but wanted you to know there are many lab owners out there, (myself included) who can identify with your problem and know how frustrating it can be.

    Maybe you have posted about this before, but I did not see it.

    It sounds like he has been to the vet, as you are waiting for lab values. Be thankful his thyroid tested OK. Can you tell us a little more about him? Has this been going on for a long time? What have the vets done for him so far? Usually, they can prescribe meds to clear up the ears, itching,etc, while the test results are pending.

    Please keep posting as to how he does and the results of the allergy tests.

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    DefaultRe: Still itching like crazy....

    What foods has he been on in the past? How long as he been on the Eagle Pack? Has he tried a cortozone shot or anything like that.
    I've heard of several people having great success with feeding RAW with a very allergic pup and it helping greatly maybe that would be something to look into. There is a great section on the forum for holistic feeding and treatments maybe someone there could help you get started if you want to try it.
    Have you tried the perscription allergy food yet? I'm not a fan of it but for someone who's tried everything it would be worth a try.
    For his ears he may need to be sedated and have them deep clean the ears if they've been infected a lot maybe it's deep down in the canal where you can't get to it so even though you think you have it cleared up it isn't totally gone so it comes right back.
    With our Yorkie he had a few fleas and even though the fleas were gone he was still itching the cortizone shot helped sooth his skin so it could heal.


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