Can dogs get pink eye?
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Thread: Can dogs get pink eye?

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    Hi All,
    Well my poor Kallie is having one heck of a week..She spent Friday at the vets having xrays b/c she was not keeping any weight on her back left turns out she was having growing pains..Now since she has been home saturday I have noticed that her right eye is has been running with green mucus..I checked her eye today and the actual eye(the white part) is red. Her other eye is not that way..Can dogs get pink eye like humans..Also is it as contaigous in dogs as it is in humans? Thanks for the help

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    I don't think the same bacteria that is pathogenic for humans is for dogs, but they can still get conjunctivitis which is the fancy name for pink eye in humans.

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    Dogs can get pink eye (conjuctivitis) and it is zoonotic, which means we give it to and get it from animals.


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