To Dream or not???
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Thread: To Dream or not???

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    DefaultTo Dream or not???

    This may have been addressed in another post. However, I often watch my labs while they are having a dream, and I'm amazed by how "animated" they get while they are having one. I mentioned this to a guy i know at a pet store recently,who told me that although it's amusing sometimes to witness...(hearing and seeing them whimper and kick their legs all over) that it's really not good for them to do this over an extended period of time. He even went so far as to say that he will wake his dog immediately if he was having a dream. I'm curious to know if anyone else has some thoughts on this?
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    DefaultRe: To Dream or not???

    That's insane. Have you ever heard the saying "let sleeping dogs lie"? There's a reason for that saying. I don't think it's a good idea to wake a sleeping/dreaming dog or person either for that matter.
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    DefaultRe: To Dream or not???

    When Puff is waqgging her tail like mad, I just let her enjoy it.

    But when Puff sounds and looks as if she might be getting chased by a Komodo dragon, I gently stroke her and softly say something like, "Sweet girl, good Puff!" and while that doesn't wake her, it does seem to change her dream to something gentler.
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    DefaultRe: To Dream or not???

    I'll wake them up if their dreaming is keeping me from sleeping, but otherwise I leave them be.
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    Dave_and_Christie Guest

    DefaultRe: To Dream or not???

    SAdie is big time animated dreamer. But sometimes I do wake her...gentely. Only if I think the noises she is making are scary. I've awoke from a nightmare before wishing I had awaken earlier. Hard to say sometimes, but I can definately tell when she is having a fun dream, so I use that as my main comparison.

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    DefaultRe: To Dream or not???

    Dreaming is supposed to be good for us, to let our minds wander over things that have happened or just general things going on...
    I suppose dogs might have dreams for different reasons, but I only wake Merlin if he is whimpering :-* Its amusing to watch him skitter his lil paws, and go 'wuff wuff'
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