Vaccination Reaction????
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Thread: Vaccination Reaction????

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    DefaultVaccination Reaction????

    My puppy ( 9 weeks today) had a reaction last week (8 week) to her shots at the vet. A lump about the size of a ping pong ball and pain at the site of the injection (back hip/thigh).
    I had to take her back into the vet the next day. Vet said it is a reaction and we are giving benadryl and an NSAID (that begins with an r) as well as warm compresses. They gave her these meds in shot form during the day she spent at the hospital.
    At first the vet tech said it was because the pup must have gotten some of the vaccine in her muscle. Then the vet called (while puppy was there being treated for the pain) and said it was a reaction and that the shots could have been given under the skin or in the muscle.
    I called the breeder and she said the pup had no reaction to her shots at 6 weeks. The breeder said they must have given the puppy the shot wrong and that it is the vet's fault.
    I had to pay $100 more for the vet visit and complication meds.
    Anyone know anything about reactions?
    I just know my poor pup has pain and a lump.

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    DefaultRe: Vaccination Reaction????

    Your poor puppy! When Madison had her shots, you could almost guarantee her vomiting 12 to 15 hours later. She'll be 5 months old tomorrow and luckily the last time she did alright. Our vet said some dogs have almost an allergic reaction to the vaccines. Swelling in the face, vomiting.... nothing I was really wanting to hear about. Kinda scarey :-\

    I'd be wondering considering the puppy's first shots went fine.


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