Anxiety attacks - cause and best response?
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Thread: Anxiety attacks - cause and best response?

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    DefaultAnxiety attacks - cause and best response?

    We have a 2 year old black labrador dog, who has been with us since 8 weeks old. Always very social (both to human and other dogs), confident but steady, (never been afraid of loud noises / fireworks but very reluctant to walk with me if I have a gun, thoug raised from gun dog stock) - he is obedient, and always eager to please and learn. In the last 2 weeks he has had two severe anxiety attacks, shaking uncontrollably, cannot be consoled and becomes withdrawn, and as I write, is curled in his basket and reluctant to come out, having walked 6Km with me this morning. He is otherwise as far as I can tell in perfect vigorous health. These attacks do not appear to be related to any other external event, other than it is blowing hard outside today, but this was of no concern to him this morning.
    Any advice on potential causes, how to treat and personal expereinces are most welcome - thanks in advance!

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    DefaultRe: Anxiety attacks - cause and best response?

    Most of the time if you ignore the behavior and DO NOT TRY TO CONSOLE THE DOG, they get over it on their own. By consoling the dog you are teaching it that there is something to worry about. If they are concerned, then you'll praise the behavior by bringing attention to it. Worst thing that people do to their dogs though yes it is our first instinct.


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    DefaultRe: Anxiety attacks - cause and best response?

    Follow Labby's advice.

    If you see it's not remitting, you might order one of Dr. Patricia McConnell's booklets (she has one on overcoming anxiety) and follow the protocol she outlines. Or get a consult with a behaviorist.
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