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    So we get home from work and let Sadie out of her crate to discover her face his swollen in spots around her nose, eyes, and cheeks. Pretty bad! It was a Friday night (naturally all close by vets were already closed for the day), so we went to our nearest Emergency Animal Hospital. We saw a Vet there who told us it's a common reaction to something she probably ate earlier in the day. The Vet said that because her breathing was not effected, it was an average moderate case of reaction. Our discharge papers state : "This type of acute reaction is a new protein source, usually an insect. Often they have eaten a dead bug along with other stuff! It is not due to food, or inhaled allergens."

    We got home at about 6:00 PM. I come home for lunch everyday for about an hour where I walk, feed, and hang out with Sadie. On this particular day I came home and took Sadie out for about a 25 min walk. Nothing out of the ordinary; our usual walk, she got a few different things in her mouth at one time or another, acorns, garbage, ice, etc. Most she dropped and others I removed. Like I said, nothing out of the ordinary. She got her usual lunch food (1 1/4 cup Iams LBP) and water. I last saw her at just after 2:00PM when I put her back in her crate with some PB in her Kong (a regular treat she gets a couple times a week). So in that 4 hour span, she had a reaction to something she must've gotten a hold of on our walk that I didn't see.

    Anyways, the standard procedure for this type of case is two injections - 1) Benadryl & 2)Dexamethasone. Together they are supposed to relieve some of the itchiness and swelling within 2 hours. So Sadie got the shots and we went home. By bedtime it was clearly visible that the swelling was lowering and she was no longer irritated. All good!

    But this does bring up the issue that Sadie is obviously extremely allergic to something. An Insect of some sort? Perhaps! We have to go see our Vet now and discuss the options available for if it happens again. Apparently there is a liquid form of medication that can help if given to the dog at the first sign of reaction. Summer will soon be here and I'm a little concerned that it may happen again, and a little frustrated that we don't know what may cause it.

    Anyways, just thought I'd throw this scenario out there. Please let me know if you have had this problem before with your Lab!

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    Dave_and_Christie Guest

    DefaultRe: Allergic Reaction - Yikes!

    Forgot to search first :

    Found others that have had this problem -,9993.0.html

    Still, please post if you have any advice or thoughts!

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    DefaultRe: Allergic Reaction - Yikes!

    I don't know where you live but could she have been biten by something. It's cold here now in PA, but if you live in a warm climate maybe it was a bug bite when she was out walking. Hope she is feeling better.

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    DefaultRe: Allergic Reaction - Yikes!

    This happened to Miles last summer when he was a puppy. It resolved itself quickly and hasn't happened again. I wouldn't worry about it too much just have benadryl on hand and instructions from your vet what to do.

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    Dave_and_Christie Guest

    DefaultRe: Allergic Reaction - Yikes!

    Georgie - We're in Alberta Canada. It's cold here right now as well but Spring has basically begun, so the Insect thing is definitely a good possibility. She could have been bit by something during our walk, or even perhaps after we were home and she was back in her crate. A spider maybe? I dunno.

    MilesMom - Good to hear of another case in which it hasn't happened again. It does seem that very few dogs have continuous episodes of this type of allergic reaction.

    Thanks for the thoughts and advice. Sadie did begin clearing up by bedtime Friday night, and by Saturday morning she was almost completely back to normal. Pretty quick resolve. It's now Sunday morning and it's like it never happened. We will have to see our Vet still and discuss the options with the Benadryl for if it ever happens again. Hopefully not. It was very scary and disheartening feeling when your pup's face is swelling up and there is really nothing you can do for her yourself.


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