Mast Cell Tumor removal
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    DefaultMast Cell Tumor removal

    Well, yesterday was the day for Rudy to have that mean old mast cell tumor removed off his hind leg. Everything went well for him. The vet said that the tumor was contained to the one area and was not wrapped around anything which is great. Now I just have to wait and keep praying for the results of his pathology report. Of course, even waiting one day for results seems like days. :-\
    He is doing really well. Sleeping like he should and eating/drinking like he should. I went out with him and watched him while he did his duties to make sure all is working like normal and it is. Yeah!
    As long as I make sure that his brother, Cody, doesn't stir him up and get him going, I think he should heal up fine.

    Thanks for all the prayers, but keep them coming cause he isn't out of the woods yet. Not until we get a level 1 result will we be fine.

    rudysmom (Debbie)

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    DefaultRe: Mast Cell Tumor removal

    I'm so glad that the surgery went well! Sending good thoughts for the path report.

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence

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    DefaultRe: Mast Cell Tumor removal

    Pleased it went well.

    Good thoughts coming for continued good health.

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