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    What is the minimum and or healthy amount of omega 6's to have in a labs diet? I see that some ie Pro Plan say 1.4 % min on the bag and others can go up to 3%. Thanks.
    Also, what type of oils would you use to supplement if you wanted to up the omega 6's

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    from what i've been reading the omega's in kibble are pretty much not doing any good because the high temps. used when making the food destroy the good stuff. Fish oil has omega 3 and 6 and its what my Gus's breeder recommended, that and feeding whle raw fish once or twice per week.

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    Like a sardine?

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    DefaultRe: omega 6 fat

    You don't want to add additional omega 6 to your dogs diet - most processed foods have plenty (even too much sometimes) already. What you want is a good balance between omega 6's and omega 3's. The 3's are what is lacking in many processed foods. ProPlan is pretty low in their ratio of 6's to 3's - if you're feeding PP Chicken and Rice it is a 14:1 ratio. Most research suggests that the 6 to 3 ratio should be 10:1 or less - 5 to 1 or less is optimal. You would need to add omega 3's to your PP to get these ratios.

    Many dog foods have optimal ratios already, so need to additional supplementation. Always check what you are feeding before you add any supplements.


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