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    DefaultNeutering and Behavior

    My fiancee and I have a 8 month old male. Our breeder told us to wait till 18 months to neuter him. Our vet said anytime after 6 months.

    However, he has started to exhibit some new behavior recently and some have suggested these may change if we neuter him.

    At the dog romps, he tends to stick like glue to the females so much so that the moderate threatened to kick us out. When off leash at the beach, he often will not come when we call him. He barks at us more than he used to and seems more aggressive. He knows the command "leave it" but seems to knowingly ignore it. He will grab something, run away from you b/c he knows he shouldn't have it, and then proceed to swallow (including a pair of socks and a rubber glove).

    We have spent large amounts of time training him, exercising him, etc. Could these issues he his having be related to hormones? Or is it just simply bad behavior?


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    DefaultRe: Neutering and Behavior

    This is partly a hormone problem (he is at 'that age') and partly a training problem. Not coming when called is a training issue. Barking at you could mean a number of things; firstly, you must identify WHY he is barking. Not listening to the 'LEAVE IT' command is a training issue and also a personality one -- dogs that are naturally stubborn will give you a hard time about this so you really need to drill it into them.

    See the 'Our Best Advice' thread in the training section.

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    DefaultRe: Neutering and Behavior

    Sure hormones can contribute, but it's mostly bad behavior.

    We have an intact male and he'll sniff the girls and likes to mark on walks, but there is no aggression in him and he listens 100% of the time NO MATTER WHAT because we have trained the dog and he knows who's the boss.

    He's 8 months old, he's a baby, he's in prime "testing the boundaries" mode. I don't consider a dog fully trained until they are over a year, sometimes even over 2 years. Labs (especially boys) are meatheads (with or without their testicles). Keep up the training, keep being consistent, correct the undesireable behavior, and reward the good. He'll get it. And if he starts acting like a butt at dog romps, you leash him and make him sit at heel for as long as you want. There are consequences to bad behavior. And if you let him loose again, and he still is a butt, you take him home. No need for the moderator to say anything if you are on top of what your dog is doing...

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    DefaultRe: Neutering and Behavior

    Both. But mostly bad behavior. If he isn't reliable off leash, don't let him off. Puppy proof your home. He's a teenager and will be challenging you right now. If your breeder told you to wait, then you must wait. If I didn't have that directive from my breeder, I wouldn't wait.
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    DefaultRe: Neutering and Behavior

    Well, you don't have to wait until 18 months unless your contract specified you do tha, which I think would be highly unusual. They usually say to neuter by a certain age. The timing is something to talk with your vet about. Things I've noticed is that other dogs tend to me more aggressive towards my dog because he is intact. Also if there is a female in season, an intact male will do anything to get to her. Neutering will not solve behavior problems.


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