VERY bitey all of the sudden???
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Thread: VERY bitey all of the sudden???

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    DefaultVERY bitey all of the sudden???

    Ty for some reason or another, recently has REALLY started going after our hands. And in no way fact, if I just let him...he usually just mouths my hands and fingers putting very little pressure. He's right at the tail end of losing all of his teeth (already has all front and bottom teeth and canines, still working on a couple of molars I think). Could this be a reason? I'd let him chew on my thumb for a little bit, and he kept working my thumb to the back of his mouth (to his "molars" i guess) and the place where he'd really chew was on a spot that was just gums with a little bit of teeth around it.

    You think they are just sore? You can barely pet him because his head will just follow our hand...and he'll be flailing his head about until you let him have your hand then he calms down like a baby with a pacifier. I don't want to encourage him to put his mouth on everybody who wants to pet him, so I didn't know if I should let him or stop him. Just thought i'd ask. Thanks.

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    DefaultRe: VERY bitey all of the sudden???

    Absolutely normal behavior for a puppy! Check in the training section, as there might be some tips there to help you. You need to start teaching NO BITE ... some of the training gurus will come along and help you; just wanted to say NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL!!
    Be sure you have plenty of chew toys to distract when he goes to bite at your hands.

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    DefaultRe: VERY bitey all of the sudden???

    I would say it's his teeth bothing him. I would definatley discourage him using your hands though if he goes for your hands replace your hand with a toy EVERY time.

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    DefaultRe: VERY bitey all of the sudden???

    Sounds normal. He is teething. I agree with what Bacatherine said...I would also discourage him from using your hands as chew toy. Everytime he tries to go for your hand give him an appropriate chew toy. No ifs ands or buts :P

    He's gotta learn people aren't for are for chewing.
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