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Thread: cryptochordism

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    Hello there! Miles just had his first birthday and I've made his appointment to get neutered. One of his testicles did not drop and I am wondering what the chances are that it still could. I read an article on Pet Place that indicated that after 2 mos of age, the chances are slim. Of course, the vet says the same.

    We've heard stories of dogs who's AWOL testicle appears later. One story I've heard repeatedly is about a lab who's owner had a prostetic one put on so they could show him. He showed successfully, then much to the owner's dismay, a judge one day found 3 testicles. I understand that dog lost all his titles and that owner is no longer allowed in the show ring. But that is one story. Have you heard of other cases?

    I am just curious. I am getting him neutered either way, but if a short wait would make this surgery easier on him, it might be worthwile. Poor boy won't get to play for 2 weeks!

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    How old is Miles? If he's over 6 months, the chances of his "boy" showing up are pretty remote.


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    Since you are planning on nuetering anyway, it doesn't matter. The vet will examine the dog and determine if one is up there hiding or if he really just has one. It's not like he'll leave one up in the abdomen and one day the "stray boy" suddenly shows up. But this is a conversation you should have with your vet. It's not like the surgery is dramatically more invasive...your dog will do fine...


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