gas and burping...... once again
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Thread: gas and burping...... once again

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    Hello everyone. I am still having problems with Hudson after he is done eating his meal and the gas build up in his stomach. It's way worse in the evening. He gets fed twice a day and is not allowed to play an hour before or after he eats. I am tried putting things in his bowl to slow him down and I have also added a touch of water to his food to make a gravy. He still has this enlarged stomach every night. I am pretty confident it's because he is swallowing to much air as a eats, but how to I stop this from happening. When his stomach IS ENLARGED IS USUALLY MORE ON HIS LEFT SIDE AND IF I PAT IT UNTIL HE BURPS IT GOES DOWN A LITTLE. Any ideas on what could be going on would be much appreciated. I just hate seeing him enlarged like that everyday!!

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    DefaultRe: gas and burping...... once again

    Have you talked with the vet about this at all? I read back through the other posts and see most of the food you have fed has been premium foods. A lot of labs don't do well on those and do better on a middle of the road food such as Diamond or ProPlan. I would have the vet rule out anything and try a middle of the road food.


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