So last night sam and i got ready for bed, we put apollo in the hallway directly adjacent to our room and blocked it off. He was in there with his chew toys and blankee. He is really getting the hang of "bedtime" and didn't whine or anything, just went right to sleep. I thought everything was going great but when sam woke up this morning apollo had vomitted up some kibble twice in the hallway. Also when he took him out to pee/poo this morning he said apollo was trying to go to the bathroom but couldn't, that he kept scooting around in circles whimpering and whining. Well he DID manage to poop (and quite a bit might I add) so that pretty much got rid of my fears of a possible blockage (my ferrets are HIGHLY prone to blockages so I'm always on the look out for them in all of my animals) caused by ingesting any of the various bits of our house that he has chewed to shreds. He seems find now. I want to see if he eats his food while we are gone and if he eliminates again I won't be too concearned, but if he is not eating and not passing any waste I'll take him to the vet asap to check for a blockage. I WOULD give him canned pumpkin in case he's constopated but if you ever have an animal that might have a possible blockage, giving them canned pumpkin can actually be VERY bad. I don't know why he vomitted though. Does anyone know what could be going on??? He seems fine now and he was fine just last night as well, it was kinda random that he got sick all of a sudden.