My lab isn't eating since be spayed 8 days ago
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Thread: My lab isn't eating since be spayed 8 days ago

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    DefaultMy lab isn't eating since be spayed 8 days ago

    Hi, This is my first post although I have been reading the posts on this forum this we got out puppy in May.
    We had our Sophie spayed 8 days ago after waiting for her to go through her first heat because of aa innie vulva. The last day of her heat was Dec. 27th. The problem is she has not eaten her normal food from her dish since I brought her home from being spayed last week. She will eat a little bit of kibble 1/2 cup if I toss it to her and a couple of bites of steak, cheese, doggie turkey jerky and sometimes dog bisquite. I have cooked her rice, chicken,hamburger and cottage cheese she won't eat it. She is drinking water and going potty. She was evidently going through a false pregnancy which we didn’t realize until she was spayed. The only other time she has had an eating issue was during her heat, other wise she love to eat just about everything. She is healing very well and raising he—bugging the cats and humping our old male golden retriever, things that she doesn’t typically do. I think it could be hormonal. Also she did have to send the night at the vets after being spayed. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this or have any ideas on how to get her back to her normal eating habits? Maybe the spaying and spending the night at the vet blew her mind?? I brought her back to the vets Monday and her temp was fine and they said she seems healthy? ANY ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    DefaultRe: My lab isn't eating since be spayed 8 days ago

    If she's being her normal self and the vet says she's healthy I would stop all the little extras. Mocha went through a phase where she didn't want to eat by adding all the extras I actually made it worse because then she expeced those. Why eat the dry stuff when she knows if she doesn't I'll get out the good stuff. Vet told me to feed only her dry food no treats or exteras. Put the food down for 15 minutes then take it up, then next meal time do it again. Mocha didn't eat anything for 2 1/2 days then she started eating and has been a normally lab hoover since.

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    DefaultRe: My lab isn't eating since be spayed 8 days ago

    I couldn't tell from your post whether you've actually discussed this recent development with the vet. If you have not discussed this with your vet, this needs to be a priority.

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    DefaultRe: My lab isn't eating since be spayed 8 days ago

    About 10% of Labs self-regulate, do not over-eat, are not "Hoovers". The rest eat as long as there's something edible plus many times when there's not.

    When Labs approach their adult size (8-12 months) the self-regulators stop eating extra food to promote growth because they've already attained most of it.

    My Puff went up to 5 cups a day when she was about 8 months old and then stopped eating for a day or two. When I offered her food, she left some so I offered less. From time to time that kept happening until eventually we reached her present 2.5 cups/day divided into 2 meals.

    I suggest you follow the advice given by bacatherine.

    I think the spaying and the loss of appetite were mainly coincidences.
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