Qantas airlines is a disgrace
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Thread: Qantas airlines is a disgrace

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    DefaultQantas airlines is a disgrace,00.html

    how incredibly negligent !
    makes me have second thoughts about flying my dog anywhere.

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    DefaultRe: Qantas airlines is a disgrace

    Thats terrible!! :'(
    I know Qantas is ussually pretty good with most other aspects, but this is really disturbing...

    I wouldnt want Merlin to fly on any airline though, I cant imagine how traumatic it would be down there in the belly of the plane... Noisy, dark, and theres no one else around!!!
    For hours and hours!!!

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    DefaultRe: Qantas airlines is a disgrace

    I know American Airlines landed a plane after they took off because the flight crew noticed that the manifest had a dog listed in a non pressurized cargo hold. They landed imediately and then checked on the dog with the owner and then reloaded the dog into the correct cargo bay and took off again and completed the flight. the dog was saved due to the flight crews actions. I also had a friend so paranoid that she had to fly with her dog that she got a service dog vest and had the dog fly in cabin with her. I know thats wrong to do but still ....

    Kelly and Amber

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    DefaultRe: Qantas airlines is a disgrace

    That story is horrible! Poor dog being cooked to death.

    I agree that if animals are on board, they should be in a pressurized and air conditioned part of the plane. Way to go American Airlines!


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