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    Okay- so a friend of mine recently got a puppy. The puppy was very itchy and had red bumps. We took her to the vet, treated for staph and then that's it. We ended up with this puppy for a week. We have found a good home for her. A few days after her coming here, i broke out into red bumps all over my body. Legs, tummy, arms, neck. etc...
    I've been reading and thought it could be sarcoptic mange. I know that's transmitted from puppies to humans pretty easily. Do you think that's what this could be? I get new bites everyday or it is spreading. Its not blisters or even pusy, just really small bites and itchy. No fleas. Is there something to do if it is that? I read it doesn't survive more than a week or 2 in humans, and is just rash like symptoms. I"m FREAKING- so I thought someone might have some info on this.

    Sarcoptic mange mites are usually spread by direct contact from host to host. While mites can live off of a host for days to weeks depending on their life stage, they are only infective for 36 hours which means that environmental decontamination is generally not necessary.

    Mite infections on humans are self-limiting (ie they go away on their own) as the mite is not able to complete its life cycle on the "wrong" host. The condition is extremely itchy, though, while it lasts. The mites are most active where skin is warm (in bed and where clothing is snug).

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    Time to see a doctor.



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