Puppy Impetigo... Face?
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Thread: Puppy Impetigo... Face?

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    DefaultPuppy Impetigo... Face?

    Hello everyone and please welcome our black Lab pup Belle.

    Almost 4 months now and doing great. Four generation above her, is a Master Hunter.

    At 9 weeks the vet said she had Puppy Impetigo (I believe very common). It was mainly on her stomach and a small spot on the top of her head.

    They have cleared up, but now she has simitrical spots (missing hair more than scabs) behind each eye, toward the ear about 1/2 in.

    Impetigo is usually on the airless regions. Could this be the same?

    Many thanks,


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    DefaultRe: Puppy Impetigo... Face?

    Hi, welcome you and Belle!

    You might want to cross post in Lab Chat, you'll probably get a response or two there.

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