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    I just read an interesting statistical study on health and longevity. It gave 5 different factors and how they affected how long dogs live. In the study they found these factors for the dogs that died from 1998 to 2003. Of the 522 dogs that died they excluded dogs under 6 months of age and dogs they couldn't verify age at death or any of the other factors. All dogs were added to the survey after they died. below is a list of the factors and how they affected the dogs on average.
    All info is given in months.
    144 months equals 12 years.

    140.6 living in city 135.7 months living in country
    Dogs that live in the city live slightly longer than dogs that live in the country.

    139.8 female 136.9 male
    Females live slightly longer than males.

    145.3 small 146.1 medium 132.0 big 102.4 giant
    Small dogs live longer than big dogs Giant dogs live the shortest life span. Labs fell into the big dog catagory

    147.8 skinny 133.2 normal 131.5fat 122.4 obeese
    Skinny dogs live longer than fat dogs and they live more than a year longer than a normal weight dog.

    144.4 man 139.9 woman 137.4 couple 135.2 couple with kids
    Dogs live slightly longer with single men and single women than with couples or kids.

    147 sterilized 126.5 intact
    Dogs that are spayed or neutered live on average 20.5 months longer.

    157.1 non comercial food 136.9mixed 124.7 commercial dog food
    Dogs live on average 32 months longer when they don't eat a commercial dog food. Thats an incredible 2 years 8 months!!

    The things that you can change that make the most difference in life span according to this study are:
    1 Don't feed comercial dog food (32 months)
    2 Spay or neuter your dog (20.5 months)
    3 keep your dog skinny (14 to 25 months)

    The labs in this study lived an average of 145.3 months (12years 1.3 months)
    The goldens in this study lived an average of 112.9 months
    The GSD's in this study lived an average of 157 months.

    Kelly and Amber

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    DefaultRe: Dog longevity (was posted in lab chat)

    I moved this here where it should have been

    Kelly and Amber


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