Well, I guess no more walking for Nina
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Thread: Well, I guess no more walking for Nina

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    DefaultWell, I guess no more walking for Nina

    Well, we took Nina to the vet yesterday for her 3 week postop checkup. Apparantly she is healing very nicely and the vet says it's ok to take her for short walks.

    Last night I took her for a very short walk to the end of my street. We walked very slowly and were probably gone for about 15 minutes. Normally it would be a 5 minute walk. When we came home she laid down and fell asleep and when she got up last night she wasn't putting weight on her OTHER leg.

    Now we know that that her left leg also had a partial cruciate tear but I thought that after over 3 weeks of no limping and complete rest it would have stopped irritating her so much. This morning she got up and she still didn't want to put as much weight on it. Her surgery leg was perfectly fine and she was just very lame on her left leg (but still weight bearing).

    I guess that no walks are in Nina's near future even though her surgery leg could use them. : I don't want to injure her left leg more or to over compensate too much on the leg that is healing.

    Grrrrr....so frustrating.

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    DefaultRe: Well, I guess no more walking for Nina

    Is there anywhere she could swim? It would be less stressful for both her legs I would think. Are you doing any type of PT exercises on her surgery leg?

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    DefaultRe: Well, I guess no more walking for Nina

    Well I have been doing the Passive range of motion on her surgery leg and stretching exercises. I would love to take her swimming but unfortunately there is no dog friendly pools in the area that i have been able to find and right now it is cold/icy/snowy outside so I can't utilize the nearby ponds. We used to have a Canine Rehabilitation Center 10 minutes from me that had a pool and underwater treadmill, but it closed (too expensive).

    I try and walk her on the most level area, but I also live at the base of a mountain with a very slight incline to my road (hence the Extremely slow pace yesterday). It would have been SO much easier if this had happened in the spring/summer, then I would feel comfortable walking her around my yard without the fear of her falling through the snow. It's starting to warm up but this morning it was all icy sleet and very slippery. Spring can't come soon enough...just in time for her 2nd surgery as a matter of fact.


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