Similar diahrrea issue as Reba, but low energy, etc.
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Thread: Similar diahrrea issue as Reba, but low energy, etc.

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    DefaultSimilar diahrrea issue as Reba, but low energy, etc.

    I appreciate all the info I have gotten from Reba's threads earlier this month. With the three day weekend, I am trying to get Bo through this til he can see our vet. Bo had the runs Friday night. And then again, same night. Ungodly smell (that was asked about in an eariler post), but he ins't ever rosey anyway. I thought he was looking trim from blowing his coat, but he is even looking leaner in the chest and has a svelte figure in his hips now, which I did not expect from a spring shed. If this is giardia (awful stuff) will that be verified in a stool sample, or would I need to have blood work done? Would worms do that to him? (He was a stray til April 1, but hasn't gotten into anything since I have had him.) For the vet on Monday, do I try to collect a stool (well, goo) sample in the morning and just take him in, or will they want one taken there? They don't do appointments, it's first come first served, and I would rather be prepared than go and then have to go back. His ears are fairly warm, and I suspect it could be fever. Is there anyting I could give him?

    No change of food. Other dog is eating it. No treats. The only thing different that he ate was four or five pieces of cooked chicken and a quarter cup of Rice a Roni and mixed veggies that fell off a plate. Don't think it had the chance to hit the floor, so I would say his appetite hadn't been affected Friday. Didn't want to go with the bike on Wed, Thurs. Excited for walks, but nothing sustained.

    I'm making him some rice right now, with chicken. Keeping with the advice for a 3:1 ratio. He was 58 lbs three weeks ago, so I figured 2 cups right now, till I see how it affects him?

    I don't know that I was this nervous with my three kids. I knew what to expect with them. Dog health is a new area for me.
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    I'm just seeing this, hope Bo is better already. Did you end up taking him to the vet?
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    The three-day weekend might have saved us vet bill. By the middle of the second day of only rice and chicken, he was acting so much better, and the diarea had quit. He is gung ho on the food starting yesturday (three days of rice and chicken) and he is running alongside the bike, romping in the yard, and trying to sneak the cat food again.

    Bo must have had a stomach ick from something, I'm suspecting the puddle I let him drink from on our walk. It is so hard to read a new animal. But once the digestive problems kick in, it's like, "Oh, THAT'S what's wrong with you!"

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