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    My 8 month old pup throws up about once a week. I figured he's just eating stuff that he shouldn't and his stomach rebels.. and last night he proved it.

    My husband woke me up at 3am going "The dog started making those throwing up noises, so I went to let him outside, but he threw up in the kitchen. So I'm cleaning it up,and look what I found?" It was the metal pop-top ring from a can of ChefBoyrDee.

    My god, those dogs will eat EVERYTHING given the chance, won't they?

    Actually, we're pretty lucky.. that thing looks pretty sharp.

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    Welcome to my world.

    My Labs used to throw up a lot (weekly -- like yours) when they were younger. Over time, they have almost become immune to eating all kinds of nasties and rarely throw up. So yes...there is still hope! they still eat anything that looks remotely edible but at least I don't have to clear up the results.


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