Cold tail, limp tail?
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Thread: Cold tail, limp tail?

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    DefaultCold tail, limp tail?

    I am wondering if my Buck has cold tail/limp tail? Yesterday he was a little upset with his backend. So i figured he needed it wiped(this happens on occassion yuck) anyways, after i cleaned the area with a warm wet cloth, his tail went limp. He is just so pathetic looking and I feel horrible. Did I cause this? He seems to be in pain too, he doesn't want me to touch it. Can I give a coated aspirin?

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    DefaultRe: Cold tail, limp tail?

    This happened to Nadja once when she was about 2. She wasn't herself at all. Seemed very depressed. : Make a long story short, like all Labs, she was swinging that tail at the speed of light while standing in the doorway. She must have hit it just right and broke her tail, (but I didn't know that).
    I took her to the vet all worried and wondering what was wrong with her... and he just laughed.
    Could this be what happened to yours??
    Her tail just hung there, limp for a couple of weeks. Believe me, with out the expression of a tail, a Lab can be a rather sad dog!!! ;D ;D
    I hope it is nothing serious.

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    DefaultRe: Cold tail, limp tail?

    Molly had cold/limp tail once & so did my previous lab. I thought Molly's was from swimming in the lake. But it does resolve on it's own in a few days. I know it looks painful just kind of hanging there & they do seem a bit sensitive in that area, but thankfully it resolves itself.

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    imported_Belles mom is offline Senior Member
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    DefaultRe: Cold tail, limp tail?

    It does resolve itself in a few days. Belle has had it 3 times I think, mostly from extreme exercise (bounding in chest deep mud, butt tucking through water for an hour etc...) Buffered asprin may help a bit.
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    DefaultRe: Cold tail, limp tail?

    Emmy seems to get this every time she plays in the hose and her pool during the summer. It tends to happen when dogs are in cold water or have periods of extreme exercise. Don't overly worry about it too much. Give it 2-3 days and I'll bet he'll be getting back to his normal self.
    Shelly<br /><br />

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    DefaultRe: Cold tail, limp tail?

    Murph has had cold tail several times, from warm bathes. :

    I noticed that when he had it the second time he recovered much quicker.

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    Caseys Mom Guest

    DefaultRe: Cold tail, limp tail?

    When Casey had cold tail last summer it was several hours from when I first noticed that there was something odd going on at her back end until her tail was completely limp so Buck may have developed it even if you hadn't washed him.
    If Buck is feeling really miserable you can give him some buffered aspirin and you can also apply warm compresses to the tail area.
    Casey's tail was back to full wag mode in about 72 hours.
    Good thoughts to Buck.


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