protein found in urine sample
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Thread: protein found in urine sample

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    Defaultprotein found in urine sample

    My lab went for her annual exam today. We told the vet that she has been burning the grass. They did a dip test on the urine sample and found it had some protein.
    They are sending it off for further testing and said that it can either be caused from a infection or her kidneys could be acting up a bit.
    she is 7.
    Does the protein in her diet have anything to do with this in her urine??
    She eats the Pro Plan Senstive skin fish diet . I also add some salmon on top of the food as well.

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    IMO almost all female dogs 'burn' the grass, that's normal.
    however, maybe your dog is simply drinking less? or, the weather gets hot, so she's panting more, which could also concentrate her urine.
    because IMO changes are what need to be observed, i.e. if she didn't burn the grass before, that's a change.
    my [human] girlfriend has had 'higher than normal' protein/kidney readings for about 20 years, she's over 70, still going it's not necessarily a sign of doom!
    in this case, i would prefer to ask the vet what is the downside to 'watchful waiting' and maybe retesting later on.
    i would also be sure to completely clean/disinfect her water bowl and make sure it is fresh & clean at all weather can make it nasty quickly!
    of course, if they find something dire [Dawg forbid!!!!] you will need to follow vet's advice exactly.
    best wishes!

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    I very much agree with what QOTD told you.

    Please read the following:

    The urine of ♀ dogs burns grass. That's normal.

    When it's your lawn, pour some water over the p-spot and reap the benefit.

    ASIDE: QOTD, so wonderful to see you posting again here in this new place. I've missed your comments and we've all been the poorer for that.

    Puff [YF, AKC field line (from competing HT/FT breeder) 62 lbs, dob: 8-'01]

    Bess [BF, AKC bench line (from competing show breeder) 55 lbs., 1967-1981] "Poor Bess, the Wonder Dog":

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    Someone pls correct me if I'm wrong, but protein crystals can also show up if the sample was taken and then allowed to sit for a while before the dip test.

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