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    DefaultMagnum not up to par

    Has anyone encountered this:

    Come home Thursday at lunch put Magnum out to potty. Go up stairs to find a trail of poop.( He hasn't done that in ages)He spent the rest of lunch on the couch. When I get home from work no dog at the door. He is still on the couch. Off his food, no energy, has what seems to be nervous twitches. We haven't been or done anything out of the regular routine here. Was to get his booster at the vets Friday night. She can't see anything wrong in fact he seems very healthy. They did blood work and everything came back normal.

    Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? I'm at a lost.

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    DefaultRe: Magnum not up to par

    It could just be a 24 hour bug. Feeling low (no energy) and not eating are classic signs. I would withhold food for 24 hours. After 24 hours is up, offer him a bland meal of chicken and rice. If he eats and seems ok, you probably don't have to worry. If he is still not eating I would think about another trip to the vets.


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