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    What brought me to JL for the first time in August was Cinder and her UTI's and urine leak. She has been pretty good since we cleared that one up and started her on Proin. She also gets cranberry tablets daily. Well, she has had a couple of accidents in the house after being left alone for short amounts of time, like 30 minutes to 2 hours, since Friday so I brought her to the vet today and she has another UTI. She does have an inverted vulva and today the vet mentioned the surgery to remove extra folds of skin and kind of pull her vulva to where it should be (not medical terms, but you get the picture) . Has anyone opted for the surgery for their dog? If so how was it and would you make the same decision if you could do it over? Has anyone not done the surgery and if so how has that gone? Does anyone have an opinion based on anything else?

    Also, my cat just happens to have had a UTI from two weeks ago and I brought her in for a recheck at the same time and she still has it and it's not much better. They are sending a culture out and they also think that next time she comes in they will do an xray to make sure she doesn't have stones. They did ask if the cat and Cinder had been grooming each other. The cat is upstairs and Cinder is downstairs and never the twain shall meet. ;D It just seems like a strange coincidence that they both have UTI's at the same time. Could there be something going on?

    As a tidbit for amusement, I also brought Millie in at the same time. (The little girl seems to have pulled her stitches again so this time they stapled her.) I looked like a freakin' circus getting out of my car!! ;D

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    DefaultRe: Another UTI - Surgery?

    How old is Cinder and has she already been spayed? If not, don't spay her until after her first heat, as sometimes an "innie" will pop out after going through a heat cycle.

    The cranberry caps are a great idea and I would continue those. I would also definitely put her on probiotics, as these are great for getting good bacteria/bad bacteria back in balance throughout the body.

    As far as the surgery goes - that would be my very last option, and I would only do it after having at least two different veterinary opinions in favor of it. One of my girls has an inverted vulva - and it is still inverted after going through several heats. However, she has never had a UTI or any other type of urinary problem, so it's no big deal to me.

    One last thought is that I would make sure that your vet does a culture on her urine. This should be done before treatment - to figure out what antibiotic will be most effective, and after treatment - to make sure that the infection is totally cleared. It could be that you are just not ever really getting rid of her infection entirely - just knocking it back enough that you think she is cleared. Be sure to put her on probiotics after any course of antibiotics, as the antibiotics kill the good bacteria in her digestive tract, leaving her prone to more problems later.

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    She was spayed before her first heat. She is three now. Her first year she had many UTI's but we were never told she was an innie until this summer. It was from a vet that is not our usual one, as she was leaking urine when we were at our lake house. They did do a culture on her and we go back in two weeks after she's finished with her antibiotics to have a recheck.


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