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    Hello everyone,

    I've actually posted this in the introductions section (before I fully read the rest of the threads!) but since this is the health and nutrition thread I was hoping you all would have some insight. I've just adopted Clark, a 4 1/2 year old chocolate lab; I pick him up Saturday. I haven't had a dog since I was a kid and wanted to know what you thought was the best brand to feed him. I don't know if this makes a difference but he has just finished his heartworm treatment (he tested positive a while back) and still needs to gain a little weight. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    DefaultRe: Feeding

    Among the standard popular higher quality dog foods are Eukanuba, Nutro Natural Choice (& their Ultra), and ProPlan. (Iam's for Eukanuba, Nutro Max for Nutro, and Purina One for ProPlan are cheaper versions of their higher priced cousins and contain more fillers.)

    Diamond Naturals and Premium Edge are not as widely sold as those above but typically have ingredients as good as or better than Eukanuba, Nutro NC, and ProPlan. You can locate a dealer at www.diamondpetfood.com (These typically sell at lower prices because they do not advertise, depending on word of mouth for sales.)

    A number of us feed Kirkland (made by the same company that makes Diamond Naturals and Premium Edge but sold only in Costco warehouse clubs).

    BTW, since your Lab in no longer a puppy, you do not need to feed a "Large Breed" formula -- that's just a marketing gimmick.

    There are a number of other good foods and many more poor foods and I'm sure other JL'ers will give you some to consider.

    I thought Labby/Woodhaven/Kelrobin had an article on her website about choosing foods but when I looked, I couldn't find it. Maybe someone will post it as a guide for you in evaluating ingredient lists on different foods?

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    DefaultRe: Feeding

    Bob Pr. gave you a good list of widely available foods. Foods such as Nutro, ProPlan, Kirkland, etc., are very popular and tend to work for a lot of dogs.

    If you step up a notch, you have the natural and holistic foods. The high quality brands include: Timberwolf Organics, Solid Gold, Innova, Canidae, Fromms, Eagle Pack, Merrick and Natures Variety. These products tend to use more natural ingredients -- more meat and less fillers.

    Because I am in the UK I have less choice available to me then the lucky people in the US. Although I CAN get brands such as Timberwolf, Eagle Pack, Fromms, etc., the food I feed is hypoallergenic with a single protein source. Although I toyed with the idea of switching to Timberwolf (I also feed raw), I couldn't put my dogs on the food rollercoaster because they do so well on the food they are on.

    A good website for ingredient analysis is: www.dogfoodproject.com


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