Lupus in dogs question
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Thread: Lupus in dogs question

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    DefaultLupus in dogs question

    Is anyone familar with lupus in dogs??? Any info you can
    give me about it?? I'm trying to help a friend who's great dane
    actually may have it. Her dog is serisouly ill, not eating, drinking.
    They have ruled out cancer and her vet is saying its in the
    late stages of Lupus. It has sores all over its mouth, nose, ears,
    under arms. My friend said if you touch the sores they break open
    and bleed.

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    DefaultRe: Lupus in dogs question

    There is a test available for Canine Lupus, although not highly reliable - I believe it goes through either Cornell, Univ of Penn, or Michigan's vet schools. I had to call for a client of ours a few months ago - one of those offered it, I don't think it was Penn, but thought I would include it just to be sure. Has she had testing done? Is she seeing an internal medicine specialist? If she lives near a teaching hospital that might be a good option. I'm sorry your friend is going through this

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    DefaultRe: Lupus in dogs question

    I had a German Shepherd with a form of lupus. It was discoid lupus, which they did test for, and it didn't seem to be a big deal to test. However, it was not as severe as you're describing. His main problem was his nose, although he had other immune-type problems (allergies, etc). The nose had sores, somewhat like you describe. He was treated with prednisone, which helped. He did die fairly young- 10-1/2 but that was mainly because of arthritic hips, he couldn't walk any more- although that may be related as well, I suppose.
    So this may not have helped, but there should be testing available, and ours, at least ,was treated fairly successfully with prednisone.


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