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    Any thoughts on this brand?

    I am working on getting Diesel off puppy food and am moving him over to Wellness, which seems a good choice to me. Anyone else use it or have a reason not to?

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    DefaultRe: Wellness

    I personally have never tried Wellness dog food, but my assistant trainer uses it and her dogs do really well on it. I was going to try it if the current food I'm using didn't work out. I do give my dogs the Wellness treats though.

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence

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    It was reccommended to us to use Wellness, and unfortunately didn't work out well for us at all, but I am sure every dog is different. Our Hobart has allergies to food which results in stomach problems (diarrhea, gas, etc) and we found that in the Wellness foods, and a few others, they use protein and fruit in the kibble. We found out that for some dogs, hobart included, the mixture of protein and fruit ferments in their stomach and can cause problems. I don't think it would result in anything serious, except having a smelly poopy dog. We took him off it, found a food without fruit, and treats without fruit and he is doing great!
    We use Blue Buffalo and we love it, but it might be hard to find in some areas.


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