Distemper-like illness
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    DefaultDistemper-like illness

    After going over a year without being touched by Distemper, we
    recently had two of our rescue dogs show some but not all of the
    classic symptoms.

    Dog 1 showed KC like symptoms & then recovered. Then later developed
    corneal ulcers and was now weak and having trouble walking and had
    obvious vision problems. Then she developed chorea – the classic
    twitching or gum chewing like seizures. She never had an GI issues.
    Now, nearly 2 months later she is eating, happy, gaining strength and
    still has the occasional twitch but you only notice it when she is at
    rest. Dog 1 came to rescue with 5 pups - all pups are well, seemingly healthy and non-symptomatic. They recently rcvd a clean bill of health.

    Dog 2 started by showing some muscle weakness, then GI issues. The
    GI issues went away but the muscle weakness got worse and then last
    week he started the twitching and muscle tremors. He never showed
    any signs of an upper respiratory infection. And nothing indicates
    eye issues.

    Both dogs are doing much better now and still have some twitching but
    it's only noticeable when at rest.

    The dogs were treated by different vets but both suspect distemper.

    Anyone else seeing anything like this? My experience with distemper
    has been limited but usually our adults are hard to save and progress
    very fast and get much worse than this and eventually lose their
    battle and require euthanasia.

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    DefaultRe: Distemper-like illness

    I emailed a friend who had a terrible experience recently. I'm thinking her dog was diagnosed with meningitis; waiting to hear back.

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    DefaultRe: Distemper-like illness

    distemper is not that dangerous, only to small animals like ferrets. it is contagous through the air and bodily discharges, so make sure they stay away for any animals that are well. it takes time for them to get better, and can have a secondary infection.


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