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    last november charlie started limping, so we took him to the vet and after having a x.ray
    it turned out he had calcification (sorry if i've spelt it wrong!) in his ligament. so he had a
    little op to remove it and he seemed ok. so after weeks and weeks of resting and short on
    leash walks it looked like he was making progress.then last month he just went crazy and butt
    tucked round the house! i think it was just because he had so much pent up energy through
    lack of exercise. so he started limping again.another trip to the vets who said to just keep
    resting him, but this seemed to be doing nothing to help him. so we took him down again
    and this time the vet decided to give him another x.ray to see what was going on
    so he had the x.ray last monday and the vet is pretty sure his ligament is detatched,
    he's sent the x.ray to a specialist ortho vet for a second opinion and has said if it is
    detached he'l need a op to re atatch it. we should hear this week what the other vet thinks
    i just want to get this over with for charlies sake,he's so happy and friendly i hate seeing the poor
    boy limping. has anyone else gone through this with thier dog? id love to know how well your
    dog recovered from it. thanks for listening

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    DefaultRe: detatched ligament

    Healing thoughts headed Charlie's direction. Haven't dealt with this, but we'll certainly keep you guys in our prayers.

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    DefaultRe: detatched ligament

    No experience here but just wanted to send some healing vibes to you and your pup. Hang in there and keep us posted

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    DefaultRe: detatched ligament

    Don't know if a detached ligament is the same thing as a ruptured ligament, but we have been down the ruptured ligament route! Gracie was 4 when she ruptured her ligament. We were given the option of having traditional surgery (where they simply repair the torn ligament )or TPLO (where they actually change the angle of the dog's knee) We were told that both surgeries were excellent fixes for the problem but that the TPLO had a slightly lower chance of reinjury to the same knee. We opted for the TPLO and today you would not know she ever had surgery. Just so you know, it is not an easy or a short recovery. Gracie was not allowed to walk for the first 6 days or so, other than to go potty or get up to eat. She was restricted from stairs for about 4 months and no off-lead activites for about the same length of time.

    Good luck with Charlie! Please keep us posted.


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