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    Hi All -

    I have a 6 year old chocolate lab that starting having seizures about three years ago. He is on Pheno, 2 pills/day. He went for a couple long periods with no activity but now I am starting to notice one grand mal per month. No matter how much I read about this, I still can't get used to it. Although I stay quiet and try to calm him, I am usually a crying mess. :-[ He had one the other night that was just horrible - heard his tounge making a strange noise this time and I was petrified.

    One thing I know we have not been doing (but I am going to first thing) is checking his blood levels on the pheno. My vet is great but this is not something we have done and that kind of worries me.

    Just curious what triggers people have found out there? Finnegan eats duck and potato food for allergies. Also wondering about things people have noticed that help?

    Thanks for any help!

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    DefaultRe: Epilepsy...

    does he have secondary epilepsy or idiopathic? what causes his epilepsy in other words? I did read that dogs on Pheno should have their liver enzymes checked for possible damage. I read that on several sites. I don't have first hand experience but I wanted to wish you the strength and courage to care for him during these times. Just gotta hang in their for his sake and he will return the favor.

    The link below is a different (holistic) approach to help with the seizures. I am sure you have done your share of reading on all different approaches but just in case you haven't read this kind of approach just thought you might be interested in at least reading it. Wish I could help more.


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