I just decided to start this thread since anybody just coming on wouldn't recognize all this in the middle of the other thread.

To begin with, this morning is the second time we've fed her. We mixed it in with the Eukanuba and she absolutely attacks the bowl. She apparently loves the taste. She's never been a Hoover lab. I guess cause we got her so young, but she holds her head over it until it's gone now.

Just as an aside, when we were training the trainer used Natural Balance as treats. It's the kind in the rolls that you have to refrigerate and chop up. They called it puppy crack because the dogs went wild on it and Bailey absolutely LOVES it. I just never put two and two together and remembered the name.

I hope this works. And I hope this is not too indelicate here but she seems inordinately interested in her poop since she used this last night. I made a comment to my husband that I hoped she didn't become a poop eater and I wish you could have seen his face. "She is NOT a poop eater!!" anyway... we have deer all around here and probably the smell of deer is long gone from that food, but it makes you wonder. She keeps going over and smelling it since she did it. I usually pooper scoop but it was late when she went last night and it's 29 and frost on the ground this morning so I'm waiting for some warm-up here.

About the shedding, Bailey has been shedding most of the winter but we live in Alabama and the temps here this winter have averaged around 75 so I guess her body is confused. I just hope as an aside it helps but I'm probably gonna get some kind of power vacuum to contain it. I'm also considering taking up my carpet and getting back to my hardwood floors. I don't even want to think about that.

Anyway, just an update. Hope I have good news to report within a couple of days too.